Endorsed by numerous certifications

Discover how SublimotionProcess® achieves unparalleled quality assurance, validated by prestigious certifications from EHEDG and ACTALIA. Uncover the transformative power of our advanced surface treatment solution, revolutionizing manufacturing standards for machine builders and end-users alike.


Setting the bar for hygiene in industries, EHEDG certification speaks volumes. SublimotionProcess® has been rigorously tested and certified by EHEDG, underscoring its impeccable suitability for critical hygiene applications (Certificate Type EL Class I for wet in-place cleaning of closed equipment, without dismantling).
Given the superior results observed by the specialized knowledge center, SublimotionProcess® earned recognition in the EHEDG Yearbook 2017-2018 with a feature on the innovative technology and process it is. In the article titled ‘Creating optimal cleanable stainless steel surfaces’, Dr. Nicolas Rossi, an EHEDG Authorized Evaluation Officer detailed a scientific study assessing the effectiveness of the SublimotionProcess® on stainless steel surfaces, showcasing its exceptional results.


Discover SublimotionProcess® in the EHEDG Yearbook


ACTALIA, an Authorized Testing and Certification Laboratory, compared the cleanability of stainless steel surfaces treated with the SublimotionProcess® to those treated with traditional methods like electrolytic polishing, glass bead blasting, chemical pickling, and passivation (according to EHEDG Doc. 2 standards). The findings demonstrated that surfaces treated with the SublimotionProcess® exhibited superior hygiene properties, thereby solidifying its status as a top-tier surface treatment solution.

Belgian Welding Institute

Through the CORONA project led by the Belgian Welding Institute (BIL), SublimotionProcess® technology underwent rigorous testing alongside other surface treatment methods on stainless steel, affirming its effective corrosion resistance in challenging environments. The project's findings serve as a quality label, highlighting the reliability in resistance and performance of SublimotionProcess® for industrial applications.


The results of the CORONA project revealed the significant influence of cleaning techniques on corrosion resistance. Pieces treated with SublimotionProcess®-technology consistently showed the least corrosion formation and the shallowest pits after deliberate exposure, especially in the strictest corrosion category C5. SublimotionProcess® exhibited superior performance in preventing corrosion compared to traditional methods like pickling and brushing.


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ArcelorMittal - OCAS

OCAS is an advanced research center founded by a joint-venture between ArcelorMittal and the Flemish Region and is specializing in materials innovation and development. Following a three-year study, SublimotionProcess® technology has been affirmed by OCAS in its ability to deliver superior surface corrosion resistant characteristics.


The research by OCAS involved sophisticated laboratory analyzes of passivation layers, rigorous salt spray tests lasting several weeks and outdoor exposure trials in industrial and marine conditions over one to three years. The results revealed that SublimotionProcess® maintained corrosion resistance like electropolishing and was outperforming other widespread surface treatments for stainless steel, such as chemical pickling and glass bead blasting, under such harsh conditions.

Flanders’ Food

The 'Kill-film' research project, a collaborative effort by Flanders’ Food, the University of Leuven, the University of Ghent, and the Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries and Food Research (ILVO), unveiled compelling evidence regarding the prevention of biofilm formation on surfaces that were pretreated with SublimotionProcess® technology.


In this context, biofilms, defined as groups of microorganisms adhering to surfaces, pose a significant challenge in the food industry. These biofilms, comprising microorganisms embedded in a matrix of self-produced polymers, exhibit high stickiness and resilience, making them extremely difficult to remove from surfaces. Importantly, these biofilms can go unnoticed, and their persistence can still lead to post-cleaning contamination, affecting the shelf life of food products and posing potential risks to public health. Multiple biofilms, including those formed by organisms such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus, E. coli., Listeria monocytogenes, and Delftia acidovorans, were investigated.


Notably, the research demonstrated that SublimotionProcess® applied to stainless steel surfaces significantly hindered the attachment of biofilms and significantly reduced the regrowth following cleaning and disinfection. This outcome reinforces the SublimotionProcess® as a proactive solution in minimizing bacterial- and biofilm


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Belgian & European business award for the environment

As early as 2016, the impact and quality of SublimotionProcess® were recognized by third parties, and they were no small players! SublimotionProcess® was nominated by both the Belgian business awards for the environment (by VBO/FEB) and the European business awards for the environment (by the European commission). This recognition underscored the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the process, and contributed to raising awareness of the technology in the food industry and beyond.


SublimotionProcess® has undergone rigorous testing and earned validation from ASML, the world leader in semiconductor lithography equipment. The official standardization of SublimotionProcess® by ASML ensures that the components meet their rigorous quality standards, crucial in an industry where surface cleanliness and precision is paramount.


In a market where chip designs are increasingly intricate and feature sizes shrink, ASML’s lithography machines play a pivotal role. By relying on SublimotionProcess®, ASML enhances the reliability of their critical components, ultimately improving chip yields. Their stringent quality requirements demand flawless manufacturing, and SublimotionProcess® ensures consistent, high-quality parts with a purified, smooth and completely sealed surface finishing. ASML’s dominant position in the market amplifies the impact of this recognition and sets SublimotionProcess® apart, while also complementing the endorsements from other esteemed knowledge institutes.


In conclusion, ASML’s validation and standardization of SublimotionProcess® not only enhance their own product quality but elevate the entire semiconductor ecosystem. As the industry races toward smaller nodes and greater complexity, ASML’s commitment to excellence with SublimotionProcess® sets a benchmark for others to follow.